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LFP Tools & Resources - Self Assessment Tool Sign-Up

The Leadership for Philanthropy project is pleased to provide this Self Assessment Tool to help you evaluate the status of your readiness for major gifts work. Please use the following form to sign up for the Self Assessment Tool. Your answers will be compiled into a team score that will be available to your station manager and can be made available to any coach/consultant working with your station.

Note: All questions are required.

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Station Call Letters:
Role at Station: CEO/Station Manager   Development Staff   Leadership Volunteer/Board Member
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Log In Information: You will need to log in to use the Self Assessment Tool. If you are already signed up to use the MGI Tutorials, we suggest you use your same user name and password.
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Background Information: Your answers to the following questions will help provide background information to your Major Giving consultant.
How many years have you been in Public Radio?

How many years have you been in your current role at your station?

Please select the category that best indicates the amount of your most recent fiscal year's non-federal financing support.
Less than $850,000
$850,000 - $1,999,999
$2,000,000 - $4,999,999
$5,000,000 or more
Prefer not to answer
Do you delegate primary responsibility for major giving to a key staff member or do you view it as your responsibility?
Delegate to key staff member
My responsibility
What is your station's definition of a major gift?

$ and above
Are your station's strategic planning, financial and resource allocation decisions based upon
Gross revenue
Net revenue
Other (specify)
Is your Public Media station
University licensed
Community licensed
Joint licensed
Other (specify)
If University Licensed: Does the university give itself priority over your Public Radio station, when it comes to identifying and approaching potential major donors?
Not applicable (not university licensed)
Yes, but it is of little impact
Yes, and it is of significant impact
If University Licensed: To what extent is the university actually involved in the management of your station?
Not applicable (not university licensed)
A lot
Not at all
If Joint Licensed: Which of the following best describes how your fundraising efforts are handled?
Not applicable (not joint licensed)
All/most fundraising efforts are done separately for radio and television
All/most fundraising efforts are done on a combined basis
Fundraising efforts are closer to a 50/50 combined versus separate initiatives
If Joint Licensed: Does your case for support present radio and television as:
Not applicable
Mainly TV with some radio
Mainly radio with some TV
Separate services, each deserving of its own support
A community institution that provides radio, television, and other media services