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Major Giving Initiative - About This Site

Public broadcasting excels at obtaining broad based support from its viewers. More than 4 million Americans contribute annually to their public televion or radio station, making it one of the largest membership organizations in the U.S. Most of these gifts are small, however. Many represent a value exchange, like a magazine subscription or the monthly cable bill, rather than a gift. Many donors increase their contribution in exchange for some tangible item, such as a video recording of the program.

With some noteworthy exceptions, public broadcasting has not been effective in securing major gifts, the transformational gifts that do not just maintain the mission, but advance it. This website is devoted to giving public broadcasting stations the tools to begin and improve major gift fundraising. It is designed for station CEOs, development professionals, and leadership volunteers — the three essential ingredients to successful major giving programs.

Funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting as part of the Major Giving Initiative, this site was created by Jim Lewis (Editor) and Lewis Kennedy Associates with the assistance of public broadcasting stations across the country as well as other non-profit organizations and professional consultants who agreed to share practices, experiences, and materials. We thank the following organizations and individuals for making this site possible.

  • KAET, Phoenix
  • KCET, Los Angeles
  • KCPT, Kansas City
  • KLRU, Austin
  • KLVX, Las Vegas
  • KNPB, Reno
  • KPBS, San Diego
  • KQED, San Francisco
  • KUED, Salt Lake City
  • Louisiana Public Broadcasting
  • OPB, Portland
  • TPT, St. Paul
  • UNC-TV
  • WCVE, Richmond
  • WGBH, Boston
  • WGBY, Springfield
  • Wisconsin Public Television
  • WMVS, Milwaukee
  • WNET, New York
  • WTVP, Peoria
  • WYES, New Orleans
  • WVIZ, Cleveland
Other Organizations
  • Fairfax County (Va.) Public Library Foundation
  • Minnesota Institute of Arts
  • National Ability Center
  • Oregon Health & Science University
  • Oregon Zoo
  • Seattle Symphony
  • University of Utah
  • University of Wisconsin (Madison) Foundation
Consulting Professionals
  • The Collins Group
  • Donovan Strategies, Inc.
  • Kent Dove
  • Richard K. Dupree
  • The Galler Group
  • Kay Sprinkel Grace
  • James M. Greenfield
  • The Solstice Group